7 Vital Tips for Hiring a Good Wedding DJ

by Jerry

Hiring a wedding DJ is a task that every couple will have to go through when they are planning their wedding. The wedding will never be complete without the expertise and services of that particular DJ. Now if you want to find the perfect DJ such as those from www.martinsloan.co.uk, you will have to go through a lot of steps such as asking for referrals, credentials, and the likes. To make sure that you narrow down properly to the right DJ, here are some other helpful tips you might want to use.


Tip #1: First of all, you have to know what music format the wedding DJ uses. There are DJs who use MP3s while others use CDs. There are others though who prefer to use vinyl records. You must know what these DJs use for playing music in your wedding event, especially regarding their back-up plan when their sound system unexpectedly fails.


Tip #2: Ensuring that the DJ knows your dress code is a must too. You can star by inquiring how they plan to dress the day of your wedding. The best DJ will dress in a manner appropriate for your wedding reception. If you plan to make them follow a certain dress code, then you have to tell them about it beforehand. Keep them informed about the dress code.


Tip #3: Inquire about their emergency arrangements. Emergencies will happen like the sound system failing during the event or the equipment may not be suitable for the place. A good DJ will have a suitable backup plan for whatever might happen during the actual wedding reception. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a music-less predicament during your wedding reception.


Tip #4: Ask whether or not the DJ owns quality audio equipment. If the audio equipment are of high quality, then it is less likely to break in the middle of a performance. The equipment of the DJ must work properly. Otherwise, it is better for you to call on another DJ. You only want to have the best professional in town, after all.


Tip #5: Ask whether or not the DJ will be using a wireless microphone. The said type of microphone is the perfect option for weddings. After all, the DJ can easily roam around the dance floor without any obstacles. He or she will not trip over the microphone chord. It will provide the DJ sufficient flexibility, especially when it comes to teaching the guests about the steps to the group dance.


Tip #6: Consider looking for a DJ who has already worked at your chosen venue before. This means that the DJ already knows what the layout of the venue is and other important details like where to get electric power or how to set up the equipment. It will be advantageous to hire such a DJ for your wedding reception.


Tip #7: The DJ should also learn how to set up the speakers at the venue the best way possible. The speaker should be able to amplify the sound to make it reach even the guests seated at the far back. Everyone should be able to participate in the dancing and fun.

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