How to Choose a Wedding Decor Rental Company

by Jerry

Hiring a reputable wedding décor rental company like the is essential if you want to have the best décor for your wedding event. You may already have a list of three to four companies in town. However, you might not be sure on how to narrow the list and have only one remaining in the list. If that is the case, then asking questions should be worth a shot. Here are some of the important questions to ask when selecting a wedding décor rental company.


First of all, the couple looking for the said rental company should consider asking whether or not the company is licensed and insured. There are licenses and insurances that are important for any business. For example, there is the business permit. The best rental company will be okay to show proof of their license and insurance. Verify that these proof are valid too.


Know whether or not the said company has worked before in the venue you plan to conduct your wedding at. This is a very important question when it comes to hiring a wedding décor rental company. This is due to the fact that you need the company to be able to arrange the décor efficiently.


Before the rental, the company should be able to provide the real-life example of the item selection. Personally viewing the items you are renting is a must, after all. You should be able to choose the right items for your wedding décor.


The availability of the said rental company from the day you started inquiring for the latter's services up to the rental date should be considered. There should be a point of contact with the said company. You better get the company representative's phone number and name.


Ask more about the set up fees and delivery fees. You have to confirm with the representative that these are fees already included in the order. Otherwise, they might just be extras that you have to pay off later. You do not want to be caught off-guard with these extra costs.


If the wedding rental company you are getting your wedding décor from charges you for the delivery, then know whether it is a fixed fee or if it will vary according to some factors. Usually, if the charges vary, it will be due to the location of the wedding venue. You have to know beforehand how much the charges will be for your wedding venue.


Do not forget to ask about the deposit. It is common for wedding decoration rental companies such as to require a deposit. This deposit will usually cover a part of the payment for the rental. Know more about the details on the deposit, especially on when it is due or when you need to make the final payment. Also, ask about what payment method is acceptable for the vendor.


Ask about the delivery of the rental items too. Proper expectations should be set, especially when it comes to the date of delivery of the items as well as whether or not it will be delivered to the venue. Make appropriate arrangements for it.

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