How to Design Your Own Wedding Stationery

by Jerry

Websites like can help you from bespoke design to printing to delivery of every aspect of your stationery. There’s still a lot to think about, what with the order of service, invitations, place cards, save the dates etc… but at least thinking about the wedding stationery as a whole with just one company can take the strain off the day. We’ve compiled some tips for you when it comes to organising, printing and designing your wedding invitations. There is a lot of organisation when it comes to your wedding day and all the pieces will eventually come together but you have to start somewhere and why not start with your wedding invitations. Setting the date for your wedding is the easy part, setting the tone is a whole other story. Your wedding day is a reflection of you both as a couple and how you want to project yourselves to your friends and family.

  1. Choosing your style. Whether you want to exude exquisite elegance or blast everyone away by your brilliantly boho chic outlook, your stationery should reflect your couple personality. If you’re likely to go with the flow and be easy breezy, boho chic is definitely up your street. Prefer engraved excellence? Something more formal is for you.
  2. Wise words. Wording your invitations can be tricky because not only do you need to ensure you give all the correct details for the ceremony and reception locations and times, you need to make sure that the receiver of the invitation knows how many guests the invite extends to. Dress code should definitely be crystal clear because the last thing you need is an old friend showing up in an identical dress to yours…the bride! If your wedding is elegant and formal than likelihood is you won’t want gothic death metal attire around on the day.
  3. Thank you very much! Sending thank you notes is a polite and important part of wedding stationery as a whole and should ideally be planned in advance with your invitations. You never know, you may be able to get a package deal so speaking to your designer or printer about this can be crucial. You may also find that ordering your thank you cards with the save the dates can help you remember who to write to. You can do this on the online shop at
  4. RSV Please. As important as all your stationery is, including a separate RSVP card to post back can be really vital. A lot of people forget to RSVP which isn’t always the most polite way of accepting a wedding invitation and if you want to avoid people randomly turning up on the day, ordering these as an insert for your invitations can be really helpful for those forgetful older relatives and scatter brained friends!


All of these tips are important for your day and is the place to visit to be able to order all the above in one place. Delivery can be organised efficiently and also if you need a more bespoke design for your day, Lilac and White can help you arrange this and help choose the artwork you could be looking for. Contact them today and you’ll receive £10 off the first order when you subscribe! 

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