How to Hire a Security Guard

by Jerry

Most people would think that the most difficult spots to fill in are those that fall higher in the corporate ladder. While it is not always easy to get somebody to fill in a top management spot, it is often difficult to fill in entry level positions. The employers always have an option to promote or develop new talent from the existing pool to fill in the demands at higher levels. What they cannot do though because it is illegal is to demote an employee to a lower level.

When people were asked a question as to what they think is the most difficult position to fill in London people would mention, CEOs, accountants, technicians, and Doctors. The truth is with the high quality of education in London; there is no shortage of these professionals anymore. No one among that sample of people asked answered security guards when they are in fact among the most challenging positions to fill in these days.

Hiring a security guard in a highly competitive job market in London is always a challenge, but here are some techniques to help you out with this task.

Post a job opening

People these days use the internet to look for almost everything even for a job opening. Plenty of job hunting websites offers to post your advertisement or job opportunity for free or with a minimal fee. These sites are also programmed with the capability to administer qualifying exams if you chose to have one.

Coordinate with Training Centers

If you just rely on your job advertisement, you will probably take a few months to a year before you can get someone to schedule an interview with. What most companies in London are doing is they coordinate with training centers such as to get the human resources pool needed for the job. Once the trainees complete their training and become available to the hiring market, they become a valuable and in demand commodity. This means if you are not fast enough to grab them then you have already missed the chance that will take months to present itself again. This is why it is best to partner with other business who will allow you to hire even when the potential employees have not gained their qualifications yet.

Invest in Continuing Education

The guidelines for getting people on board and getting them to do their jobs effectively changes from time to time. Newer and more efficient methods are being published every day. Once you are successful in hiring a security guard, you need to make sure that you keep them employed with you. To do that you need to invest in their continued development which in the long run will also benefit you. Keeping your guards up to date with the know-hows of their job will get them ready for any situation they were hired for. This will help you as an employer wanting to protect your assets and will also benefit your employees as someone seeking growth in a competitive industry.

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