The evolution of a shelter

by Jerry

One of the primary need s of the people is to have a shelter; it means a place where people can stay permanently. A place that they can claim as their own property, a place they can feel safe and sound. When people are going outside their will be a place that they want to return that’s the perception of a shelter. A shelter is our home. In our present day, the home usually refers to a house. House the place where people mostly live now. Back then to our ancestor their house was the cave until they learn to construct things such as built a house tree.

However our world is always changing the weather and before our ancestor sometimes the weather affects their living so they need to go to another place. And they built another shelter, in this scenario the concept of shelter could be a temporary, which you can stay for just a few month even days. A shelter where you can bring and can re-built for just a few hours or days. Here where the concept of a tent was started, this is the kind of shelter where you can bring, fixed and re-built instantly. Tents was started during the Iron Age, it was also mentioned from one of the chapter in Bible that goats and sheep were the first who live in the tents. Along the years it changes the style, like the Roman Army they made a tents from leather, tents are nomadic and they called it yurt. The tents were very useful for the military and it was improve by using hemp of canvas or linen instead of leather that was use by the Roman. In the military, the tent was to provide a flexible shelter for a less number of men within the field. During the Word War, they were lot of soldiers and they need a huge flexible shelter. And that’s the larger tents were made.

The larger tent is called the Marquee tent, is usually use for a temporary or a short period building. Mostly you see Marquee tent from the circus, banquets, fairs, religious tent events, large weddings and several of corporate and casual entertainment events.  In tradition Marquee tent was made from canvas, nowadays Marquee tents also use for party instead of renting a venue, usually they made from polythene for a higher and well improvement in comes of the quality of Marquee tents.  Most of the Marquee tents are up to 6.1m wide, 9.1 up to 45.7 metres widths and they are expensive and it requires specialized materials and skill to construct the Marquee tent. That’s there a lot of Marquee tent rent business are established nowadays.

See the pattern how the concept of shelter change through the years while changing it gives us that shelter can have varieties of purposes.

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