Your choice of cat breeds

by Jerry

Having a cat is a great experience. But, finding one among the numerous of cat breeds can be confusing. To help you find one, here are some of the choices you might want to consider:

American Bobtail – These cats are cute and playful. Breeders would consider bobtails as very energetic with uncanny cleverness. These cats are great escape artists. They love to play with humans and other cats. Although they may not look very attractive like other elegant looking cats, Bobtails are known for being sociable.

Balinese – Balinese breeds may be one of the most famous among cats. These breeds are very smart and very sweet to people too. Although they can be very noisy a times, but this is how they usually communicate with their owner. They know when you feel negative and they are want to know that they are more than willing to keep you company. However, you should not be surprised when they suddenly lean on your shoulders as they normally do this to most owners. If you are planning to own one of these breeds, you might want to play catch and fetch with them. Wherever you throw the ball, they would love to return it to you.

American Curl – They usually have fanciful ears, which make them attractive to some people. These cats are best for those lonely people as they do not show any indifference towards their owners. They can be very warm and friendly without asking for too much attention. Because they look adorable and most often very sweet, many children love to hug and play with them. You might want to look for to help you take care of your pets.

Bengal – this feline might look like a wild stray cat, but they are very sweet to people. They like to leap from one place to another and characterised with a very playful and energetic aura.  However, they are also very curious and intelligent too. Unlike other cats, you cannot scare them with water. They even sometimes join their owners for a swim in the pool. Bengal is the closest relative of leopards and they look like leopards as well.

Bombay – This type of felines are very attached, not just to one person but, to all family members. They are one of the most sociable cats among others. They usually form a bond towards everybody surrounding him or her. Many would suggest that Bombays are good for children because of their affinity to all members of the family. Bombays are very famous; they even appear in various movies.

Burmese – These felines are very amusing and fun to be with. Among other types of cats, Burmese cats can be very interactive with people. They can be perfect for offices and shops where there are many people around since these felines love to get attention. Like other cats, Burmese types are loyal to its owners and very loving.

Himalayan – They are the very calm type, perfect for home buddies. Although they are sweet and gentle, they can be very playful at times.

No matter what type of cat you would like to have, make sure you have the right to properly groom your pets.

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